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September 03, 2011


Barry Freed

Smuggler dogs, no doubt, fed on steady diet of dead roadside babies.

I'm at my library now, just got it off the shelf.


"The remote-controlled donkeys were, until it all ended in tragedy, a cunning and successful way of fooling border police patrolling rthe barren, hilly frontier between Algeria and Morocco.

Loaded with illegal goods and with tape recorders strapped to their backs exhorting them to "walk on" in Arabic, the faithful beasts trudged daily backwards and forwards between Algeria and Morocco.

However, the customs service learnt of the ruse and has killed 200 of the donkeys, says the El Khabar newspaper.

But the the killing of donkeys have sparked protests by some villagers who say the action is criminal. They say that killing the animals would not put an end to smuggling. The trained donkeys leave Bab El-Assa in Algeria laden with goods for Morocco. When they reached Ahfir in Morocco, they are met by smugglers who unload their cargo. The animals are then sent on their return journey loaded with different goods bound for the Algerian market."


Anyone seen the great Iranian film of "A Time for Drunken Horses?"

I've made a collection of these animal smuggling phenomena. It could be argued these days that modern wars are won by donkeys, not the internal combustion engine.


Donkeys led by lions?

Barry Freed

Anyone seen the great Iranian film of "A Time for Drunken Horses?"

Just last night on your recommendation. Very good indeed. Thanks.

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