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September 26, 2011



It basically depends on whether anything happens outside the Labour Party to drag the Party in a good direction. If it doesn't, then nothing good will happen: if it doesn't, then no point complaining.

When I say "a good direction", I mean any number of things, but basically anything that prevents the Blair people establishing what they want, which is a consensus in favour of austerity to a greater or not-much-lesser degree. We're going to hear the term "credibility" an awful lot, I think.


Its a strange time. Everyone knows that the system is broken, but nobody seems to have anything much to offer other than nostalgia, or denial. Meanwhile the fuckers that got us here are doing their best to steal everything that isn't nailed down before the whole rotten edifice collapses.

Maybe the autonomist/green left will save us all, because that seems to be about all that is left standing at this point.


In an eerie recap of (Daily Mail versions of) 1979's so called Winter of Discontent, Capitalism died in 2008 but couldn't be buried for want of a gravedigger.

I'd like to say the gravedigger was on strike, but I'm afraid even that's not true: he was simply distracted, contemplating his choices over public sector 'reform'.

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