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November 08, 2011



I notice that he's not suffering imaginary oppression by the CIGay, the GayGB, the Homintern, al Gayda or even the Gayluminati


Or, indeed, the Campeitai.


The Ooohkhrana?


Gestapo != brownshirts != stormtroopers, surely?

Is there some way to deport morons like that to the GDR circa 1970? It's not just the offense but the ineptitude, the boot stamping on metaphors for all eternity...

(Gayluminati = fairy lights, of course.)


Soon he'll be in the prisons of the Gay Pay Yoo

Richard J

Careful, or you'll be dragged off by the Minice.

Barry Freed

Or be forced to work harder with a gun in your back for a bowl of risotto a day by the Khmer Rose.


We must never forget the concentration of camp at Magaydan, or the grim Romanian tales of enhanced interrogation at the well-manicured hands of the Securitutu ... And don't get me started on the Pom-Pom Macoute.


This reminds me of how, after a memo went round at Disneyland forbidding staff from referring to it as "Mauswitz," they switched to "Duckau"

Chris Williams

Because you never know who is a secret Friend of Dzerzhinski...


Never mind the Gayluminati, the secret society you really want to worry about is the Freematrons.


The impending gay/straight civil war will be remembered for decades by the defeated hetero side as the War of Norton Aggression.


No-one expects the Spanish Twinkwisition.


And the FBi only pretend to be untouchable.


This only confirms my low opinions of that rag... (I was always a _Church Times_ man myself.)

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