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November 30, 2011


Barry Freed

Better secret nukes kept in secret tunnels than delivery vans on the public streets of Karachi as was reported not so long ago. Meanwhile I can't wait for Jeffrey Lewis and the other folks at Arms Control Wonk to weigh in on this.

Chris Williams

The wonks have arrived:

"for one thing, Karber’s claims are utter nonesense."

Lewis tries to find the actual source for the infamous 'leaked article', which is more than Karber ever did:

"The first thing I discovered was that Yang Zheng was a bit player in this whole fiasco — he had plagiarized his essay from this 1995 Usenet thread. Do you remember Usenet? Probably not if you had a life in the mid-1990s.


The actual author of the incorrect list of fissile material production facilities was an anonymous poster named Ma Tuowen — that’s “Mark Twain.” How clever. It turns out Ma was posting anonymously because “I don’t want my boss to know I’m wasting his time.” (Ma’s areas of interest range from Chinese nuclear weapons to strategies for the computer game Civilization.) He had quite a history of saying irritating things. A very young Dwayne Day, now at the National Academies, got very irritated with Ma and his “poorly-written, bombastic, incoherent bullshit.” (D-Day does not suffer fools. It is one reason he is awesome.)"

Lewis even manages to confirm D-Day's awesomeness, which, though welcome, was more than I was expecting. Lewis is also awesome.


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