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December 10, 2011




(You'd expect a Christian to award that honour to the Tower of Babel, no?)


Those explody bits will contain 'wellness and fitness areas' among other things.

Just wait until they start doing bungee jumping.

Charlie W

No, I will still defend this. It's Dutch modern and knows what it's about. The truly awful buildings include places like Meadowhall, Bluewater, or Bridgewater Place in Leeds - which are just lumps of junkspace (Koolhaas's word) for rent. And then there's Taipei 101, a building which has _bamboo_ as its central metaphor, except for those places where they didn't feel like it (i.e. in the plan, which is square). Also, see this.

Charlie W

Here's the junkspace essay, also. It's actually a fun read.

Both of the London Westfields: junkspace. Heathrow airport (although arguably not T5): junkspace. The stuff under Canary Wharf: junkspace. Omnipresent retail: all building types become retail. "Zero loyalty - and zero tolerance - toward configuration". From the designer's point of view, this lack of loyalty often manifests as clients junking complete (and well worked out) designs apparently simply because they're bored with them, or perhaps because they don't like the idea of being constrained by prior decisions, even their own decisions.

Barry Freed

Following Seeds, it's like bait for BASE jumpers with bad taste/twisted sense of humor.

Charlie W

The possibility of the influence of Minecraft shouldn't be ignored here, also. What's Minecraft, you ask?

Barry Freed

Charlie, bad link there.

I see what you mean and I kind of like it myself despite the unmistakeable imagery (and then there's that perverse, adolescent, épater, part of me that likes it because of those associations).

Charlie W

Not sure what happened there. Try this. Also, everyone remembers Stockhausen's comment on 9/11?

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