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December 07, 2011



student politics is incredibly bitchy, nasty, connection-driven, and backstabby, at least in private.

So why the big deal over this bunch? (Forget it, James. It's South Arbury.)


Any other English language links?


the student president in question is accused - within the Chinese student community - of attempting to bribe college authorities directly with substantial sums of cash,

Easy mistake to make. I mean it worked for the Gaddifis at the LSE didn't it?


Which reminds me; did anyone read Benjamin Barber doubling down on "Said was a real democrat!" in the Guardian?


That's Saif, you Goddam orientalist.
[Sorry, I saw Fear and Loathing recently, and I think its influence lingers]


Also, the story has the best link ever in the adverts.

Oooh - very classy.


In fact, King Zog's son and heir just died, but his son, the new pretender, has an impressively reactionary background:

"At the time of his birth [1982], the South African government declared his maternity ward temporarily Albanian territory to ensure that Leka was born on Albanian soil."

Also, he was named after the Shah of Iran, just deposed, and Anwar al-Sadat, just murdered, perhaps to bolster his credentials in the failed-despot exile community. Now however he works in the interior ministry in Tirana and heads a "Movement for National Development", so don't count him out just yet.


& his Mum was Australian. I'm not sure why that trickles me, but it does. Perhaps because she insisted on being called Queen Susan.

"Her marriage at 34 to Leka followed a failed first union. Guests at the wedding shouted "Long live the king!", then acknowledged the Spanish dictator, "Long Live Franco!"

Barry Freed

That godmother site is on to me. I just tried to register as a peer and nothing happens but if I click on the commoner option it loads a new registration form page.

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