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December 18, 2011



Secret jails? Too good for 'em:

She says there are nightly raids by Misrata militiamen on the camp, to take away young men. They are not seen or heard of again.


But Jamie, the Iraq edition's already a best-seller. (Incidentally, did you know there's a Stoke-on-Trent edition?)


Good Lord.

I can't locate a Stevenage edition...

Chris Williams

I'll build a B+B on Neck End and a Hostel on Dishcloth, while I wait for the chance to put a semi on Roaring Meg and a Travelodge on Chells.

A Different Alex
The glittering prize immediately in prospect is a consignment of several billion dinars, printed in Germany

At least they're allowing someone to print money.


Better even than Stoke-on-Trent Monopoly: as reported in the Graun tonight, it's the Stoke City garden gnome!

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