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December 07, 2011



She namechecks Taibbi re Goldman, but doesn't mentioned that he already has Friedman's stuffed head on the wall of his den.


Sadly Friedman does actually matter. The earth is flat may be astonishingly stupid, it was also astonishingly influential on the, ahem, "intellectual" cadre of the executive class. As was the Olive and the Lexus.

And your NPR liberal types seem to take his pronouncements on foreign policy seriously as well.

Personally I think that Tom Friedman is proof that the US has turned into the world dreamt up by the bastard child of Tom Lehrer and Philip K. Dick.

Incidentally, on the latter, the DEA is now running money laundering operations. Next step is to start a cartel apparently.


>>>Incidentally,... the DEA is now running money laundering operations

More please! Any links? (Or have I missed a joke?)


...gaze long enough into the drug war...

Brian M


Well...since the CIA basically CREATED the crack epidemic....

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