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January 27, 2012



There are distributed alternatives to both twitter and facebook (kind of P2P), which are open. Built by the usual paranoid hacker types. Neither have taken off for fairly obvious reasons.

But... if facebook and twitter continue to make it their policy to piss off their users. Or there's a high level court case. Who knows? Who remembers Myspace after all.

I wonder if in ten years the idea of centralised services like twitter and facebook will seem as strange as usenet and the early web do to us now.

Ross Smith

It seemed pretty clear to me that this was just today's iteration of the standard glibertarian "government is the root of all evil" axiom. If the Sacred Free Market appears to be producing a result we don't like, that just means we have to put even more effort into coming up with a line of argument that proves it's really all the fault of the Evil State, and self-interested business is as innocent as it must always be.

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