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February 23, 2012



Posted on Anika, you bring up a point that I meant to include there and kind of rfgoot to: Padme is the best contribution to Star Wars that the prequels made. She is a fabulous character that doesn't get enough to do.Jennifer, if you like prequel-era Obi-wan, you should read Matt Stover's Episode III novelization. In fact, all three of the prequel novelizations are probably worthwhile, and contribute a bit to my general like of the films. Terry Brooks' Episode I goes much darker and less campier than its counterpart, and Stover's Revenge of the Sith is an excellent sci-fi/fantasy novel, not just an excellent film adaptation (R. A. Salvatore's paint-by-numbers Episode II novel isn't anything special, but it makes the romance a bit more palatable, in my opinion).Dan: UR BR8KNG MAI <3


They all laughed when I warned them about automated Romanian/Malay Facebook comment spammers...

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