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April 12, 2012



Agreed. Something stern and bracing is required.

It's high time the ability of one-party autocracy to "impose the politically difficult but critically important policies needed to move a society forward in the 21st century" stopped being invoked on behalf of "the meritocracy, the multinational corporate manager, the eastern financier and the technology entrepreneur" to urge allegedly pro-business action on non-priorities like healthcare and climate change.

Be warned. To go up against these cryptoleftists, you may need your own mustache.

Barry Freed

Don't forget James, we still need* a new Hitchens over here. Between Derb and the Hitch can be a tough needle to thread. I'd suggest a book savaging the reputation of Desmond Tutu, that ought to do the trick.

*For some values of need.


I don't think we should mock Friedman. Recent x-rays have shown that he has a tumorous growth on the part of his brain that handles metaphor. It sits there, squatting like a toad in the center of its web.

Also, Tutu is clearly a patsy for the ANC. Who are the true racists. And also Communists.


With that surname, and all that dressing up in purple frocks, Tutu is clearly a pansy. You need to drive home the homophobia too, with repeated thrusts.

Charlie W

Whatever you do, never ever mention Japan. Does. Not. Exist. And most certainly was never talked about the way China is today.


I look forward to reading your book. Seriously.


Sullivan could step up to it, and he could get extra performance points for agonizing at length over the anti-gay bits before every on-schedule endorsement of party orthodoxy.

chris y

squatting like a toad in the center of its web.

And that's OK. I ask only that it vacate the centre of the world wide web.


Also mention how the elite schools in China are far superior to ghetto schools in the US, while implying (without ever stating it) that both schools are representative of the respective school systems.

Bonus points for both blaming Dewey for American schools, while suggesting that Confucius (remember to emphasise that this leads results in a respect for hierarchy and authority) is responsible for the the excellence of the Chinese system.

Chris Williams

Unions are guilds and guilds are medieval and bad.


chris y, a classic

I am the Friedman.
I am the Eggman.
Coo coo ca choo.

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