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April 22, 2012


Barry Freed

OT: So this morning the library on my university campus is covered with Kony 2012 flyers ("one thing we can all agree on" says the slogan with a picture of what looks like a GOP elephant and Democratic donkey snogging). I'm thinking is this still a thing while wishing I had a marker on me so I could scrawl "wanker" on a couple of them. Apparently we had more activity here on this front than most major cities.


Saw whole bunch of said posters in my downtown yesterday evening. Had pictures of Adolf, Osama and Joseph with caption "Kony: the worst of all". Do people not learn any sodding history?


But if you take away emotional wanking from the modern US left[1], what would remain?

[1] By left I really mean upper middle class people who get uncomfortable around black, or working class, people - but consider themselves progressive as they write a check to NPR.

john b

I don't think you can put the Kony thing on the left in any meaningful sense. "BAD AFRICAN KILLS CHILDREN; WE SHOULD STOP HIM" is a Victorian imperialist trope more than anything else, which appeals to anyone who's fairly ignorant about the world-at-large and the history of western armed intervention, whilst also being just about unbigoted enough to be moved by the plight of African children in principle. The group behind it are an odd bunch of bible-thumpers, not Prius-driving latte-sippers.

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