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April 26, 2012


Chris E

The npr comments are almost as amusing, apparently Ms Buck's biggest offense was equating being thin with being fashionable.

Charlie W

The Vogue piece can still be found here only without the original formatting, by the look of it.

She runs her office like a business, chairs meeting after meeting, starts work many days at six, never breaks for lunch, and runs home to her children at four. "It’s my time with them, and I get them fresh, unedited—I love that. I really do."

I bet she demands that everything brought to her is fresh and unedited. If she were a character in a Banks novel, she'd be doling out truth drugs left and right. The detail I liked best from the Buck interview was that the children in the photos are not the Assad children.


She speaks like a banker with a degree in computer science.

Um the word for that is Venture Capitalist.

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