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May 10, 2012



inside the Beijing beltway

Inside the Third Ring Road surely?

One thing that interests me about the faction-ology of this is that Bo is sometimes described as being a protege of Jiang Zemin, and he's basically the daddy of the Shanghai gang/neoliberals/elitists. So he had ties to both camps - which could paradoxically mean they were united in wanting rid of him. If you can't be king, being an important baron is pretty cool...until you get a strong king, in which case you get to shut up and pay taxes.


Yeah, about right. As I said before, Princelings operate independently or in their own guanxi cloud. What you seem to have is one strong faction, the CYL populists, and one bunch of people who aren't really a faction but have to exist as such nominally to make the system work. And that in itself can be a destabilizing influence.


The Technical Group of Chinese politics?


There's an article over here indicating that we've entered the denial phase of the story. There's an interesting point made towards the end about the terminal effect on officials' promotion hopes that delay would have, given the CCP's compulsory retirement scheme. So much depends on a massive Red conveyor belt.

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