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May 03, 2012



Damn, that link I on posted on the previous thread isn't working. Anyway, the Daily Beast is claiming he wants places on Hilary's plane for his family and himself.

Chris Williams

I met that Cohen guy last year at a seminar. His long-term game plan seemed pretty Helsinki, but in stages.


Jamie, the NYT ticktock story on this refers to the US diplomats having meetings with the Foreign Ministry (specifically this guy). ISTR you saying that there was a status-difference in that P5 states and specially important ones were dealt with via the CPC International Department and everyone else via the MFA, but it sounds like the MFA was in charge here (and Cu's responsibility also includes "Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan affairs").


Alex: good point. Suspect this was dealt with on an ad hoc basis through the FA Small leading Group (which includes Zhou Yongkang, the top security minister)working through the MFA. Bear in mind as well that neither side wants linkage between this and the strategic dialogue (though the activists did) so might not hve gone through normal channels.

Anyway, the latest deal is that Chen is off to New York with his family but intends to return to China later. Meanwhile he's briefed a CDIC team about the Linyi authorities.

Chris Williams

"he's briefed a CDIC team about the Linyi authorities."

The Habsburg secret police in Italy didn't care very much about nationalist plots. Instead, they spent their time and effort working on a series of reports and investigations about the honesty and worthiness of key state officials.

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