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May 10, 2012



There's a Dickens passage from Hard Times that seems to make a similar point (people as a bunch of individuals rather than a mass of "them").

SF Reader

Puts a new spin on child's resolute refusal from infancy to use anything but our given names.

Martin Wisse

Well, yeah, "we murdered some innocent people that just happened to live near what we wanted to bomb the shit out of" vs. "there was some unfortunate collatoral damage as we took out this target".

And as Tery Pratchett has often said, the root of all evil is treating people like things.


I see it, and I raise you the Green Beret in village-level stability operations, considered as a venture capitalist.

Chris Williams

I see your venture capitalism, and I raise you the one about the UK COIN strategy in Malaysia considered as the making of a cup of tea:

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