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July 30, 2012



The magical deer reference practically redefines 'niche'. Bravo.


Oh, go on, let us in on the secret.


There's a roleplaying game called BLUE ROSE, designed to emulate the romantic fantasy genre of Mercedes Lackey, etc. The good guy kingdom is called Aldis, and is a non-hereditary monarchy (with, naturally, enlightened sexual politics and very clean and happy peasants) where the king/queen is chosen from the contenders by a magical deer that appears after the old monarch dies and looks deep into their hearts to make sure they're pure.


Aaah, thanks.


"The good guy kingdom is called Aldis"

And exists in a state of uneasy peace with its rival, the Dark Empire of Lidl.


BLUE ROSE is surprisingly controversial in some gaming circles, specifically regarding the magic deer.
The fights are so fierce because the stakes are so low, and all that.


Also not the 'End of Ideology' Daniel Bell, cos he's dead. While the thesis seemed consistent with his ideas, I couldn't understand why he'd have to whore himself out to Beijing quite so blatantly.

Also not the olympic swimmer, in case anyone was wondering.


Perhaps one solution to China's problems (and, indeed the world's) would be a return to the old Chinese class system which insisted that the next rung up the ladder of social aspiration after being a highly successful self made business person was to become a solitary hermit living on top of a mountain.

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