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September 10, 2012



I'm convinced something fraudulent will eventually fall out. He's the kind of guy who'd be disgraced for plagiarising his thesis if he was German...or if he had a degree, for that matter. Perhaps he'll eventually be nailed for cheating on his gentleman's C in woodwork?


Iannuci and his team must just think "why the hell do we even bother".

Its the cascading fail upon fail that makes it truly special.


For those, like me, with a closer interest in the substantive at issue the idea the whole ministerial gig has all been a hallucination is wonderfully appealing.

But, sod it, no: it's all been real and David Brentish and generally crappy. Sort of like Gove without the braincell or polish, but with the ability to produce policy based evidence at the drop of a hat....

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