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September 11, 2012



I like option three. Politics would be healthier with regular periods of compulsory rumspringa.


He's in the midst of a binge on Barry Freed's patent Tangiers Bug Powder, and has gone all sticky.


Have we completely ruled out the possibility he's on his way back from France, having botched/successfully pulled off (delete to taste) one last wet operation in the Alps?


He's on mandatory training, but forgot to put it in his electronic diary. When he put the date in it was OK'd but IT was temoporarily down and admin couldn't find the right card to fill in ( Sue on the next desk borrowed it for something ).

When he returns look for any mention of 'the fire triangle' 'if in doubt get out' or word's like 'safeguarding' or anecdotes about how much faecal matter is on the average toilet door handle.


Apparently it was a heart attack:



or maybe not: that's a good named source Moore's got, but the stuff about the 301 hospital and the routine of the other top leaders is telling, too. I'm reading that as a kind of virtuoso bit of kremlinology. Still, It's certainly the most likely of the illness scenarios. And aren't those bright red lips supposed to indicate high blood pressure?

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