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October 27, 2012


Chris williams

Yeah, here we go:

"Of course you can go off the topic. When transferring the attention of netizens and blurring the public focus, going off the topic is very effective. For example, during the census, everyone will be talking about its truthfulness or necessity; then I’ll post jokes that appeared in the census. Or, in other instances, I would publish adverts to take up space on political news reports."


Also, yr man notes that one way to discredit a protest is to over-state it. I wonder whether that works so well in the long run: he may be convincing 90% of his audience that the rumours from Macau are fantastic lies, but his exaggerations will remain at the bottom of the collective unconsciousness.


This is a Dan Kahneman point - you can't really ignore anything. Ask people to guess the weight of the pig, and they guess higher if you ask them the length of the Amazon first.

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