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October 25, 2012


nick s

But how would an economist categorise this? The brainless compassion sector?


Barry Freed

Love this bit:

If you want to work with children in Cambodia, first ask yourself if you are qualified to work with children at home.

Nick L

This also occurs in Bali, apparently. The brainless compassion sector is pretty significant worldwide: think of all those 6th formers who go to African villagers in the touching belief that untrained children of privilege can somehow solve problems of poverty better than the African health workers, teachers, agronomists etc. whose salaries their air fares could pay for.


A lot of Churches in the US do this also. There's a long history of the poor basically being seen as a way for the rich to act compassionately. That's why God put the poor on the earth, don't you know.


I suppose the best thing you can say about this is that being put in a show home and petted over by dipsticks isn't the worst form of exploitation the children might otherwise have to endure

I'm a bit wary of using too many insults to refer to people whose desire to do good has, combined with (understandable) ignorance, made them the victims of a particularly nasty sort of con.

Barry Freed


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