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October 30, 2012



It's Beevor, "Berlin".


makes a lot of sense.
I havent really followed Ai Weiwei's career in any depth so my awareness of him is very superficial and at exactly the kind of " oh theres that dissident chinese artist" level you describe.
From seeing a 5 second clip of the gangnam bit on the news my gut reaction was that he was'devalued'as an artist- it just seemed a bit manic and pointless.


From Ai’s point of view, he has to keep the music going: parody videos, sub-Damien Hirst conceptual art games, guest editorships at somnolent political journals: [...] It all gives you a queasy feeling that you’re watching a regular performance of Chinese Dissidents Got Talent.

**cough**Dalai Lama**cough

Richard J

Judging by the now-deleted spam comment, I have absolutely no idea what keywords they're using which means that comments on P*o*l*i*s*h revanchism produce such vile spam, while this gets bog-standard free [large fast flowing volumes of water such as you might get after a snow melt].

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