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November 29, 2012


Barry Freed

Empathy might be a useful "skill" to have for an operator in analyzing the life patterns of their targets. Another way I can see them dealing with this is to separate the surveillance and kill roles so when it's time to pull the trigger someone else takes over.


Franco made a particular point of posting Guardia Civil officers away from their home districts. Empathy interferes with duty to the state and the execution of its wishes.

Chris Williams

Anyone who's flown a kite could have told them that would happen.


" a logical next step as far as counselling/training goes is a programme to dehumanise targeted communities; either that or to select for lack of empathy."

No worries - they've already started doing it. The giveaway is the line about "good values"; anybody who's been following the MRFF lately knows that the upper echelons of the Air Force (and most of the other services) have been heavily stuffed with ultra-evangelical leaders.

Add in the standard dollop of Christianist bigotry and a little Dominion theology, and you've got the sort of folks that would have enthusiastically participated in the Crusader's slaughter of Jerusalem in 1099

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