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November 07, 2012



Can anyone explain where this "Obungo" thing comes from?


Since the most enjoyable part of a Democratic victory is a Republican defeat

On a related note, this seems to be doing the rounds.

Richard J

Is it time for a quote from the Nixon in China libretto again? Yes, I think it is. (ps 6 & 7.)


Charlie W

From the Global Times piece:

The most precious thing in the world is development. Some people think that happiness is more important than development. However, without development, the economy will deteriorate. Then what happiness can there be?

I wonder if perhaps they're missing the concept of sufficiency. Without clothes, you will be cold, and then what happiness can there be? Therefore, the most precious thing in the world is clothes.


First post-election drone strike today, in Yemen. The man went straight to the office.


It's probably just a way for him to blow off steam. Couple of sets at the gym, Yemen remote killing, breakfast.

Chris williams

The president can bomb anyone he wants.

Barry Freed

That's the very operational definition of what it means to be a president, Chris.

I've been saying around some other blogs that I thought he'd celebrate with a drone strike. I thought it might be Pakistan. Deftly done Barry O.

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