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December 18, 2012



Almighty God/Eastern Lightning’s theology seems heavily Taiping-derived, with a third Jesus sent to bring a new dispensation

A third?? When was the second one?

chris y

When was the second one?

1850s - early 60s, if they're that derivative.


Sloppy of me: meant it as shorthand for the bringer of a third theological age, as in:

"This group teaches that the “Age of Law” ruled over by Jehovah and the “Age of Grace” ruled over by Jesus have both passed and that the “Age of the Kingdom” ruled over by “Almighty God” is approaching"


OT, CCP terminology band names. Mass-Group Incident - Public Enemy-ish politicised rappers, with the faceless but brilliant Dre/Trackmasters figure the PSB in the studio. (The Chengguan Are A Joke?) Strike Hard Campaign - Maoist death-metal. Leading Small Group - not sure where to go with that one. Ideas?


I'm thinking some Krautrock variant, or a Belle and Sebastian type twee combo.

You could make Cult Revolt terms of abuse into a whole punk movement. The Cow Demons. The Enormous Bastards. It's a wonder that some enterprising band hasn't already taken Gang of Four.

Leonard Hatred

Oh but they have. They're a post-punk band from Leeds!


Cow Demon and the Four Pests at the Duchess of York. Gob all over the place.

Barry Freed

Do the pogo to Grass Mud Horse at Irving Plaza in NYC.


10 Mythical Creatures was a hell of an album.


You could make Cult Revolt terms of abuse into a whole punk movement. The Cow Demons. The Enormous Bastards.

Oh, sure, you lot are into it now, but I still have my ticket stub for Chris Patten and the Triple Violators.


From the Allmusic entry:

The Gang of Four started off as a proletarian themed hardcore band. After many years of obscurity, worsened by the decision to relocate to the country and subsist only on what they could grow and make themselves (poor quality furniture, cigar box banjos and thistles), a chance sighting of Megan Mcardle on CNBC results in an epiphany. Reinvention as a nu-country band, and huge success, followed. Hits included - "Jesus is my CEO", "Let the hobos die, my lord" and of course "Welfare Reform for Jesus".

Barry Freed

Chinese ska band Kuang with their hit song "Nail House (in the middle of your street)"

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