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January 07, 2013



Wales is Palos Verdes and Palos Verdes Estates:


Not at all unreasonable. Venice is oddly enough Naples, CA (Venice Beach is between Wales and what the map shows as "Coast of Spain"):


nick s

The real question here is what Paramount might have set (or wanted to set) in Wales. Some of those locations clearly map to the studio's films before 1927, but I don't see a Welsh one.


The 1920s saw the brief boom in Welsh Romantic films (also known as "bach operas"), with Paramount and other studios churning out now-forgotten movies such as Guns of Ceredigion, They Rode to Llanelli, The Heroes of Abergavenny, Seven Men Against Lampeter, Death in Machynlleth and Merthyr Most Foul. Tragically, many of the reels were lost in the blaze which swept through the United Artists production complex in 1937 after lead screenwriter Daffyd ap Selznick died of spontaneous combustion.

Barry Freed

I heard it was the talkies that killed Hollywood's burgeoning Welsh cinema production because, you know, talkies need vowels.

Charlie W

Oh the drollery.

Barry Freed

It was either sheep or vowels, Charlie; I work with what I'm given.


I was rather proud of "Merthyr Most Foul", actually.


It may be written as "Wales" on the map, but really they just got it confused with Scotland.


Actually the talkies were pretty bloody awful for minority languages everywhere, because, you know, talkies need distributing to places where they speak that language. I don't think there was a Welsh film industry to be throttled at birth, but if there had been it would have been. (And hasn't anyone taken on board that Welsh has *more* vowels than English?)


Hmm... Sherwood Forest seems to be somewhere around Riverside according to this map. Who knew that Sherwood Forest had so many orange groves?

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