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January 09, 2013



What exactly is a running dog? I mean, what does the phrase signify in Chinese? It's not whippets, is it.


IIRC from rhetoric about "running dogs of capitalism etc", in Asia a dog is servile if it runs to you whenever you call it. In Europe, a dog is servile if it sits in your lap.


Ah, right. I thought it might be some kind of jackal metaphor - i.e. capitalism itself is Shere Khan and it is followed around by lots of Tabaquis, muttering "hit him, boss! Yeah! You're the greatest!"


In fact, though, the phrase could be better translated as "Golden Retriever".


I think a lot of communist abuse is just old Russian curses, repurposed for class war and sent to China, whence they have appeared to embed themselves in the thrusting internetty economy.


The misconceptions of a Prussian about the French revolution and British economic history, written in order to win arguments against other Germans, implemented out of context by Russians (broadly defined), and used by Chinese people as an operations manual for a superpower.


Things that the PRC is still incapable of producing itself and must therefore import from Russia:

political insults
high-performance turbofan engines

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