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February 27, 2013



Whatever Engels thinks, I would like to see a revival of this society:

I have no intention of defending the absurd theory that homosexuals belong to a breed of superhumans, that homosexuality and genius are synonyms, that homosexuals will, allegedly, someday take their revenge on society for their sufferings by uniting to conquer heterosexuals. "Theories" of this ilk were already condemned with considerable contempt (as they deserved to be) by Engels in his letter to Marx from June 22, 1869. In this letter, Engels writes about the "theory" advanced by a clique of German bourgeois homosexuals who had formed their own special organization. Engels characterizes this whole affair with the epithet "swinishness" (schweinerei).


Yes, because societies of embittered Germans intent on taking their revenge on society by conquering it are generally a laugh a minute. Do we really want to face once more the terrible threat of the gay Wehrmacht? http://bloodandtreasure.typepad.com/blood_treasure/2011/11/occupying-the-sugaytenland.html


...perversion in the realm of normal sexual life is significantly more widespread in the capitalist countries than in the USSR...

Comrade Whyte could not have been aware of the bedroom antics of comrades Yezhov and Beria.


Do we really want to face once more the terrible threat of the gay Wehrmacht?

well, every other attempt at a Keynesian stimulus has failed ...

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