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February 28, 2013



You see this in expat culture in every corner if the globe and it's pathetic. You're an expat, you're well off and don't have family or whatever where you are - so if you don't like it, move?

I'm taking my own advice this summer - I've started to slide into the trap of blaming everything I don't like in Switzerland on 'Swissness'. Time to move somewhere that suits me better.

chris y

Tangentially a propos - a different kind of expat experience.

des von bladet

On the other hand I am an immigrant, and happily so. (And given that I do have family, and my wife and children are natives of here, it is just as well.)

I remark in passing that it is possible to blame everything you do not like on the Swiss without ever even having been to Switzerland. I often do, and find it a great comfort.


Hahaha, although I have a suspicion that I'll miss the gnomes of Zurich once I've left.

Chris Y: thanks for sharing the link, incredible.


Which was the thread where we were talking about the Italian election? I've got an answer for Chris.

Chris Williams

It was on CT (readers, I wondered whether the Grillini's 'Sicillian Option' was the equivalent of the UK 'confidence and supply'),


Ah - that would be why I couldn't find it. And the answer is... nah, I'll take it over there, unless anyone's curious.

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