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February 05, 2013


john malpas

What war are you talking about?
Not the one in Burma, Iwo Jima , Guadacanal etc obviously.

chris y

Same war, but a lot of it happened in China. The Americans weren't directly involved in those bits.


Well, it obviously wasn't a real war then. No wonder poor John was so confused.

Richard J

Except for Chennault, the Burma Hump, etc. etc.

Igor Belanov

Whatever next! The Chinese will be claiming they started fighting the Japanese in 1937 or something ridiculous like that.


Oh, John will admit there may have been a bit of preliminary scuffling, but axiomatically it wasn't a war until December 1941. It was just, you know, tuning up.

Chris Williams

Actually, quite a lot of the war in Burma also involved Chinese troops.* But apart from that, yeah.

*I've just been reading Lewin's biography of Slim which is, frustratingly, probably the last big pre-Ultra WW2 book.


Actually, quite a lot of the war in Burma also involved Chinese troops.*

Quite a lot of the war effort. Rather less of the actual fighting, if I remember "Defeat Into Victory".

Ben Leeson

And while there's an endless supply of these historical dramas on the TV here, it seems the market really just wants a decent road movie / buddy film - and will actually pay cash money for it at the cinema!



I wonder how many films about fighting the Brits are made in India each year. My son visited Bombay and within 24 hours was wearing a red uniform as a Bollywood extra.

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