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February 14, 2013



heh heh. You said "Richard the Third". Heh.


Seriously, a Soyuz? Did Alan ever get to see it?

Chris Williams

Not that one, alas - but he saw quite a few other ones, including one on top an R7 doing about mach 3.

Igor Belanov

York has a Richard III museum? I'm pretty familiar with York and I've never seen nor heard about it. Maybe the Richard III society aren't totally successful with their publicity.

chris y

York's even got a museum for him, but (a) they have a museum for everything already, already

And a half decent tourist pub, if that's not an oxymoron.


Don't forget the Leicester Shoe Machinery Company.

Martin Wisse

Considering Josephine Tey based her defence of Richard III in the murder of his nephews on "he had a honest face so he couldn't have done it", I say the society and Daughter of Time were made for each other.

Chris Williams

One is a novel, though. I'm quite happy for people to write historical or para-historical novels in which the world works in a different and more entertaining way to the one we have.

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