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June 18, 2013


des von bladet

"So, who's in your KJU deadpool, then?"
"Um, Kim Jong-un, Kim Chŏngŭn, Gim Jeong(-)eun and 김정은. And the #2 from Al-Qaeda, obviously."


Off topic (sorry!) but you guys will know this one: who made the remark about secret intelligence being like a narcotic, with the same distorting effects on your decision making, and what exactly did they say?



As far as I know the original insight was Daniel Ellsberg's advice to Henry Kissinger. As far as I am aware, the joke about comparing this effect to that of psychedelic drugs was one of mine, but I am a total sponge and terrible inadvertant plagiarist when it comes to these things, so I would guess the safest thing to do is to cite it as a possibly apocrpyhal remark from Robert Anton Wilson.


Thanks! I knew Kissinger was involved in some way.


The Mein Kampf thing has now been officially denied by the KCNA, which points out that the source of the report was in fact "a group of wild dogs in human form".



Well, now we know the Korean for "schlachtbummeler", I suppose.

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