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July 29, 2013



We'll miss you; hope it's nothing too serious.

Left Outside

As above. See you soon bud.


This makes me really sad, especially if the "thing" is what I imagine it to be (I hope it isn't something else that's worse too, of course!). This blog has been a near daily companion to me since I think 2005. And for most of that time one of the very remarkable things about it has been how much I learned from the comments as well as the impossibly splendid stuff above the fold. So while I'm obviously mostly going to miss you, Jamie, I'm also going to miss nearly all of the regular commenters here. I had hoped this format would survive long into the future. At least as long as there's war, and China, and internets. I hope mebbe in time you'll reconsider, but until then, er, see you on Twitter! And thanks for all the blogs, very much indeed.

John Gordon

Sad news, B&T is one of my 'core' blogs - top 10 forever. Have shared many of your posts to app.net, twitter, etc. Brilliant work. Thank you.

Barry Freed

Very much everything that Malcs said. Thanks very much and hope to see you back soon.


Agree with Malcs. Hope you'll be back very soon. Youve taught me an awful lot about China.


I've learned an awful lot from this blog. Hope to see you again soon in whatever format.


Mostly a lurker but I've learned a lot from this blog too (that article on Chinese guest workers in Paris came in useful IRL recently!). Hope it's nothing to bad and that the break goes well.


Very sad to hear this, but you've given me several years of great fun and learning. Loved this blog, so thank you and best of luck with everything, Jamie.

And although I've made few comments of my own, I've never seen such brilliant comment threads – so thanks to all the rest of you as well.


Boo! (Not that I can complain about long-running bloggers stopping because of the real world / whatever...) Hope all sorts itself soon...


I'm sorry to hear this as I have loved the blog. More importantly, I hope the circumstances behind the decision are not painful or onerous.

Chris Brooke

What an excellent blog this has been, and for so long, too.


In the face of overwhelming odds, B&T has single-handedly justified the existence of Comments sections for me, and I think that's a pretty amazing credit to its host. Thanks for the insights, the laughs, and the ridiculous amount I've learned. I'll be looking forward to however you choose to return.


Take care, and thanks for the amazing blog.

john b

What everyone else has said. Hope things work out for the best, whatever that may be.

chris y

Adding my best wishes. Let us know here if you're going to pop up somewhere completely different. And look after yourself.

Thanks a lot for a great deal of erudition lightly worn.


a great deal of erudition lightly worn

Hear hear

B&T has single-handedly justified the existence of Comments sections

Hear, hear

until then, er, see you on Twitter!

Oh God....

Marc Mulholland

B&T will be much missed!

Nich Hills

Go well and return when ready.

Richard J

I happily blame B&T solely for the ever expanding pile of books under my bed and in the loft.

belle le triste

Look after yourself, jamie.


Bloodndtreasure has been my one must-read blog for years. All the best!


All the best.

B&T has been a constant source of insight and pleasure, you'll be missed.

nick s

Thanks for all the fish. Look after yourself.


He'll be back.


What they said. This blog will be sorely missed.


just a brilliant blog.
I'm better informed from reading it.

I really enjoyed reading 'Son of the morning star' and 'The sabres of Paradise' both as a result of brief mentions in posts here.

Jasper Milvain

Agree with all of the above. Constant reader, very occasional commenter; I will read and/or buy whatever you might come to do next. Look after yourself.


You'd probably be astonished how much I learned from the blog, and how much I enjoyed it. Really influenced the way I think about politics as much as any thing else I can think of.


Sorry to hear it, and hope it's not bad news that has prompted it.

Dan Hardie

To be honest, I'm amazed that you've managed to post several posts, almost every day, for the (I think) seven years that I've been reading the blog. I've read a great many posts here that have forced me to learn things, or to re-think opinions which I'd thought to be unchallengeable. It's a hell of an achievement to have written so well, for so long, for free.

One thing to add: I would still read the blog if you updated it a lot less regularly- like, say, 'Dsquared Digest', which gets updated a lot less regularly than it used to, and is now invitation-only, but which is still excellent. (I just dropped by there, and Dan has a very good new post up, for those who haven't read it.)

Dan Hardie

Also, as I think I've said before, B&T's posts have the wittiest titles anywhere in the blogosphere.

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