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August 16, 2013


chris y

Congratulations; well earned mention.


Off topic, but did anyone else notice they've arrested someone for the French Alps shootings, which caused so much delightful speculation round here a couple of years ago?


No, really?


Yep, the victim's brother. I suddenly remembered about it for some reason and googled. Apparently he tried to forge a will!

Dan Hardie

I liked Danwei's description of B&T: 'can seem cryptic to the novice.' Quite so.

Anyone interested in starting a thread on 'good (or bad) books read this year?'


Sometimes a stack of weird coincidences and loose ends is just a stack of weird coincidences and loose ends. It's like Broadchurch, only with more money and less sex.

Chris Williams

Books thread seems a half-decent idea. Congrats on the laurels, Jamie.

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