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October 25, 2013



I don't know if it's just my crap computer, but the translucent title band is covering part of the picture.


It looks bad.

Barry Freed

I'm enjoying these new headers but it does that for me too. I'm not sure if that's intentional.

BTW, I really liked the interview with you last month "The Sage of Cheetham Hill." The characterization of the commentariat was great.

And speaking of the commentariat around here, I'd meant to post this somewhere on one of these threads a few months ago when I found out, I guess this is as good a place and time as any. I believe that longtime regular commenter CMcM (previously known here as Charlie McMenamin) passed away last January. Like I do from so many who comment here I learned a lot from reading him and the back and forth between him and many others here. He was one of those here who seemed to me possess a near encyclopedic knowledge of the leftist scene in Britain.

He tweeted here https://twitter.com/NigelRogers (does anyone know what his twitter avatar is?) and wrote a blog here: http://itslifejimbutnotaswknowit.blogspot.com/ And this on Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy the movie and the TV series and their respective images of the UK in the 70s was excellent and was re-upped by Alex at his blog a while back. It's good, you should read it.

He did a lot for those in need as his many obituaries indicate.

Given the topic of the last post on his blog I hope he wouldn't be too annoyed at me for posting this here. He is missed and I thought something should be said even at this late date. I recall him writing here that he had two young teenage boys. I hope they're doing okay without their dad.


Very sad to hear about Charlie McMenamin.
I had a similar experience to Barry and was a fan of his blog and his links sidebar introduced me to a range of other great blogs ( this might have been one of them ?).

Richard J

Good Lord - very sad too; I learnt a lot from him, and I hadn't really thought to think when he stopped commenting.


Oh no, that is very sad news - I had no idea. I always enjoyed his contributions here and the Guardian obituary makes me wish all the more I could have met him here in London.

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