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February 23, 2014



Timoshenko's strategy's reminiscent of a great line from a Steve Martin movie: "I don't care about the money! I'll miss the stuff..."


"A nice piece on the re-emergent Julia Tymoshenko which gives us a clue as to why Yanukyovich became unsupportable"

You mean Yushchenko, the guy who was supposed to save Ukraine after the "Orange Revolution", instead of Yanukyovich.

nick s

I'm actually a fan of the state dacha approach whereby pols get to live the high life but do so in state-owned property. When you start selling it off, it gets messy (and tacky).

In fact, you could import it to the UK: buy up a load of sold-off-plan luxury flats, and tell MPs that they can live there rent free, but can't claim second home expenses.


Slightly OT, or not so in light of the last comment about Yulia's actual street support:

Well, let me ask the folks out there this, is there a state of the Ukraine anymore? In practical terms? Monopoly of violence, taxing authority, internationally owned debt, all that good stuff?

One of the things that disturb me about the conversation wrt Ukraine is just how little thought there is on what happens next, and what the knock on effects will be to countries other than Russia.


Soon enough the initiative produced many thirty year old ministers and deputy ministers, dubbed at the time ‘Kinder Surprises.’” They are an “untouchable tender mafia”

They were of tender years. Ah ha ha ha.

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