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June 26, 2014



I am still half suspecting that there is some sort of literal Church of Satan thing going on here.


Beyond good and evil. Tha knawst. Down the LGI mortuary among the sooty brick roses.


The universe is not only stranger than you imagine, it is stranger than you can imagine, even if you are Irvine Welsh.


Off-topic, but did anyone see that the cult leader who probably owned the MV Sewol and is now on the run with a price on his head once exhibited his own photography at the Louvre to the accompaniment of a specially composed Michael Nyman piece?


i believe he also owned the domain name God.com


I'm actually reading the LGI inquiry report. It is thorough, and the degree to which it was all about pompous medics from Ilkley desperate for more pelf, kit, and status in pursuit of their ridiculous snob-motivated feud with St. James's is really disgusting.

The perfect example is what happened after he kicked the bucket; Alistair Hall, a cardiologist who treated him when he needed a bypass operation, gave the eulogy at the City Square savilefest and announced that he left his money to create a Savile Heart Institute.

There was in fact no such provision in Savile's will, but Hall, the LGI's PR man Karl Milner, and a group of other doctors got together in the intervening time between his death and the funeral to decide how they were going to get their hands on the money, like some gang of ravening relatives in a 19th century French novel, and so they decided just to proclaim it to the crowd and hope nobody looked too closely.

And that's why the medics put up with him, basically. It's that bad.

Chris E


Saville nearly died as a child, His mother prayed to a nun who had died a short time before, and credited his recovery to her influence. [Which is part of the reason she became the Venerable Margaret Sinclair]. Maybe growing up being told he had been miraculously healed contributed to his narcissism.


So I done a blogpost: http://www.harrowell.org.uk/blog/2014/06/28/genuinely-evil/

Dan Hardie

Possibly one of Savile's brothers (John Henry by name) was kicked out of his job and/or arrested for abusing children in the early '80s. I'd add a link but the only sources I can currently find for this are all the weirdo sites like David Icke. Back when the Savile story broke, in late 2012, there were a couple of more reputable places repeating the same story. If that story is true, it would seem to point to a family which made a habit of child sex abuse, which raises further questions.

I do wonder if part of the Savile story is not a history of childhood abuse: it's horribly true that so many sex abusers were raped themselves as kids. To take one particularly dreadful example, both Fred and Rose West seem to have been abused by their parents, and other relatives were keen to join in the fun.

Dan Hardie

Alex: ' like some gang of ravening relatives in a 19th century French novel'.

I think that is exactly right. This is reading more and more like one of Balzac's darker works, with a very strong dash of the more grotesque works of Dickens (particularly the character of Wackford Squeers, who basically wants to get Smike back so he can carry on hurting him).


Can't find a contemporary source, but the NHS is clearly taking the Johnny Savile allegations seriously


oh. my. god. I have found a contemporary record; a scan of a report of the elder brother's unfair dismissal case. But it is on a blog which is apparently dedicated to the cause of clearing Savile's name. What a world.


The thing that strikes me as oddest about Savile's career(!) as a predator is that there is hardly ever any hint of grooming or caution - only one or two times in the Leeds report is there an incident where the assault wasn't basically the first time the victim met him. He comes off the page as a sort of predatory animal, just wandering around grabbing anything he fancies, and nobody does anything about it. It is pretty clear from the whole dead body thing that there was a very strange family background there, but it's not the normal cycle of abuse thing - what seems to be missing is any concept of shame.

Dan Hardie

Good Googling, though I rather wish I hadn't just read your second link.

Very good point about the lack (in most cases) of grooming. He seems to have worked by preparing everyone else around the victims to accept what he was doing. Each new victim either found that a) everyone thought Jimmy was great, so they didn't complain to begin with, or b) complained anyway and, at a fairly early stage in the process, had their complaint dismissed or ignored.

'it's not the normal cycle of abuse thing - what seems to be missing is any concept of shame.'
But is shame a definite characteristic of all or most adult abusers who were abused as kids? Fred and Rose, certainly, don't seem to have given a damn about what they did. I never read very much at all about the Wests- basically the news reports and a few pages of the authorised* biography of Fred- and don't intend to change that. But certainly Fred's dad was abusing him, and, when he was a teenager, showing him things like how to have sex with a sheep.

*By the solicitor working to distribute West's estate to his children, so actually it's not as grisly as it sounds.

Dan Hardie

To summarise one point: Savile was a paedophile who groomed almost everyone *except* his victims.


Johnny Savile turns up in the Leeds report, and seems to have had an identical MO; he imposed himself on a hospital as its "honorary ents officer" or some such. There's another, too, whose name I forget, who was in Cardiff and was somehow involved with a hospital.


Vincent Savile founded "Radio Glamorgan" in 1967, which operated from Cardiff Royal Infirmary and then moved to the University Hospital of Wales in 1974:



And here's Johnny looking at Honor Blackman in a depraved manner as Liberal parliamentary candidate for Battersea in February 1974


Dan Hardie

The Liberal party in the 1970s was something else. Leader: Jeremy Thorpe MP, given to musing aloud about who would rid him of a turbulent male model, and possibly more; Peter Bessell MP, by his own account scurrying to carry out this (alleged) murder plot; Cyril Smith MP, flogging and fiddling and probably fucking his way through the boys' homes of Rochdale...

Meanwhile the Labour Party had Stonehouse and T. Dan Smith and Kagan, and the Tories thought that Reginald Maudling would be a jolly good choice as Home Secretary. I hesitate to say that things can't possibly be as bad with in all three parties today, but surely they can't actually be worse?


Johnny Savile was a Liberal ppc? fuck. I wonder if this was the party re-expanding from the 50s low and being desperate for people to fill slots. (I nearly said "warm bodies", but "fill slots" is hardly any better in context.)

Igor Belanov

I think political parties have always attracted their share of people with dubious moral character. The test is if the parties were welcoming into the fold figures they knew were somewhat 'dodgy', and/or hiding or ignoring their actions while they were members. I suspect Alex is right that the Liberals were an attractive prospect to those types in the 1970s as they looked to expand and contest more seats. They probably were willing to overlook any rumours around Cyril Smith as somehow he was popular within Rochdale and fought hard against hated Labour enemies.

belle le triste

I don't have it to hand, but from memory Stephen Dorril's Smear!: Wilson and the Secret State links the soft-glove approach with Cyril Smith to the wobbliness of the Labour government at the time (era of the Lib-Lab pact) and to the fact that the rumours surfacing at a key moment coincided with South Africa's BOSS attempting to have Peter Hain (then a liberal MP and well known anti-apartheid activist) framed for a bank robbery. Hain was innocent obviously -- but I think the suggestion is whatever evidence BOSS had better on Smith (via whoever)* was tainted as soon as they were unmasked as liars over Hain. It's quite intricate and I don't recall the full details (or have any idea how right Dorril is). In the TV documentary I watched a few months ago, Michael Meadowcraft was pretty upfront that upper-level Libs knew there were stories about Smith at that time, but they were doing so much firefighting at that time that party loyalty trumped entirely civic propriety. Unfortunately the documentary then descended into a generalised lament that politicians are all rubbish and always put party first.

*The deeper and darker story is what the police and the security services knew abt Smith and when, and why they did nothing (except perhaps leak stuff to BOSS).

belle le triste

Adding: Dorril was writing before the facts about Smith became public knowledge (and when Smith was still alive), so he very much treats the claims as more BOSS nonsense.


There was a (radio) Hancock's Half Hour in March 1958 called "The Election Candidate". Kenneth Williams, as the agent of the East Cheam Liberals, comes to the door and asks Tony "Will you be the Liberal candidate for East Cheam?". Tony asks "Why pick on me?" and Kenneth Williams replies "You're the only television personality living round here". At that time, the joke that Liberal candidates were often TV personalities was already a current one.

The back story was that in the mid-1950s there was a risk that the Liberals would disappear - they only had 5 seats in the Commons. However TV was a rapidly growing medium and there were Liberal supporters on TV like Robin Day and Ludovic Kennedy. Kennedy came second in a by-election in February 1958 pushing the Tories into third place. The Liberal Party began to be better known but associated with people on TV.

Despite having the mickey extracted by Galton and Simpson for running TV personalities as election candidates the Liberals continued to do just that during the 60s and 70s. Jimmy Savile's brother and Honor Blackman in Battersea in 1974 - it doesn't surprise me a bit. (Galton and Simpson had predicted Jimmy Wheeler as the candidate for Battersea.)


Kenneth Williams

Who IMO was very lucky to have shuffled off this mortal coil while his trips to Tangiers with Joe Orton still (apparently) fell into the category "charmingly camp emancipation from the constricting homophobia of his times" rather than "utterly foul paedophiliac sex-tourism".


Quite a few like that.


The more I (reluctantly) hear about Savile the stranger he seems. Max Clifford and Rolf Harris were celebrities who were also abusers, and used their status to get what they wanted; Stuart Hall seems to have been an arrogant man who found he could get abusive sex as a perk of the job, and found he liked it; and if Dave Lee Travis had been guilty of everything alleged against him, he'd still have been no more than a opportunistic groper and bully. When the Savile allegations first surfaced it looked as if he was in the first (and worst) of these categories, but the reality looks to have been much nastier: it's as if sexual abuse, bullying and violence was just what he did.


Just looked at Smear!. The way the Smith story is presented is very odd. A couple of dodgy people with connections inside the South African operation of Anglo-American appear in London with a story about A-A running an operation to discredit both Hain and Jeremy Thorpe. This gets to Hain and Thorpe, then to Wilson and then to a sympathetic Telegraph(!) journo - but the story that appears also includes a reference to "false allegations against Cyril Smith MP circulated in his home town of Rochdale", which the guys from A-A don't appear to have known about. Did somebody in the Liberal Party (Thorpe himself?) take the opportunity to surface & discredit the Smith story?


Brain bleach dept: in Mary Whitehouse's autobiography she lists the winners of her National Viewers and Listeners' Association TV awards, including...

1975: Softly, Softly
1976: Tomorrow's World
1977: Jim'll Fix it

She reminisces about the charming stories told by the JFI production team, including

the one about the girl Jimmy said he was going to marry and they got engaged with a huge cuddly toy just a few days before she died

Ow ow ow.

Then again, the mortuary stuff was all third-hand, and this story might have been perfectly innocent...

Jimmy ... said he believed the programme 'reflected good times, happiness and dreams. It goes to show that happiness can exist even in the most difficult situations', and added 'While Mrs Whitehouse possibly wouldn't agree with my personal lifestyle, it is through organisations like hers that there is some semblance of decency.'

Hiding in plain sight, as always.

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